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Top 10 Best Eyelash Glues of 2019 – Reviews

The first thing to consider when looking for a good false eyelash glue is if you want it to work with a wide variety of eyelashes or with a specific type. We say this because generic glue will surely be stronger than brand-specific glue but at the cost of being more difficult to remove.
Although you want eyelash glue to last you throughout the day, you don’t want to have difficulties removing it at the end of the day. It is also important for eyelash glue to be weatherproof so as to avoid any embarrassing situations. To give you some pointers about what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best false eyelash glues money can buy.

Best Eyelash Glues – Top List

10Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue Stacy Lash

SENSITIVE Eyelash Extension Glue Stacy Lash 5 ml/LOW Fume / 5 Sec... This is one of the most popular lash adhesives out there and boasts a ton of features both cosmetic and practical. First of all, this glue is dark in color and is meant for black or brown eyelashes.
It also has rubber latex and cellulose in it and uses a dual adhesive mechanism which makes it a very safe choice for any type of lashes. The glue used in its making is stronger than most medical grade adhesives, which is definitely something to look for in such a product.

9Blink Lash Bonding Glue

Blink Lash Ultra Plus Glue for Eyelash Extension, 10g This particular glue is made primarily for professional application, so unless you’re an expert, do your research before trying to apply it. The product seamlessly blends with most eyelash extensions, including highly synthetic ones.
In addition, the bond made by the glue is strong enough to last up to 8 weeks, which is impressive to say the least. Furthermore its drying time is a mere 2 to 3 seconds and the bottles are available in quite small recipiets so as to facilitate their storage and occasional use.

8Ardell Lashtite Eyelash Adhesive

Ardell LashTite Individual Eyelash Adhesive 22ml/0.75oz - Dark With this paritcular eyelash glue, you get the highest standard of quality and reliability. We say this because this glue is 100% waterproof guaranteed to stick comfortably and securely for up to 6 weeks.
It is also designed to be used in conjunction with Duralash eyelashes, but you can very well use it with different brands should you choose to do so. On top of all this, you will find the adhesive used in its making to be highly weatherproof.

7Duo Lash Adhesive Dark

DUO Strip EyeLash Adhesive for Strip Lashes, Dark Tone, 0.25 oz This adhesive from Duo has a dark tone and goes well with black, brown and other dark eyeliners. Its formula includes latex in its making, which makes it highly flexible in its application types. It is also particularly sticky, making it ideally suited for strip lashes. Furthermore, this eyelash adhesive also dries invisibly so as to not affect the general aesthetics of your fake eyelashes.

6Darkness False Eyelash Glue & Gel

Darkness False Eyelashes Glue and Gel This eyelash glue from Darkness Falls comes in double eyelid glue and fake eyelash glue. The glue takes some time before settling in, so you have the freedom to adjust the position in the middle of its application.
The glue does not have any odor and is mellow enough that you can wear it for a day without anyone noticing. It’s also quite affordable, much more so than most other eyelash glues on the market today.

5Duo Individual Lash-Adhesive

DUO Brush-On Lash Adhesive with Vitamins A, C & E, Clear, 0.18 oz Duo features on our list once again with another absolute delight of a product in this clear-toned one. The components include cellulose and denatured alcohol, which is ideal for those of you with particularly sensitive skin.
We should point out, however, that this product must be applied on each lash individually. It also dries invisibly, completely removing any chances of people noticing it before it’s completely dry.

4Ardell Lash Strip Adhesive

Ardell Lashgrip Strip False Lash Adhesive, Clear, 0.25 Oz If you’re looking for an eyelash adhesive that does its job the way it’s intended, look no further than this gem of a product from Ardell. Made of latex and water, this is good for
temporary usage and does not leave a trace after removal.
The glue dries instantly and holds the eyelashes securely and correctly in place. Interestingly enough, this adhestive also features lash strip to help you remove it with relative ease.

3Cardani Secure Glue for Eyelashes

Cardani LATEX FREE Secure Hold Glue False Eyelash Eyebrow Adhesive 1... The best thing about this particular eyelash glue from Cardani is that it is entirely Latex-free and the formula is one of the mildest ever conceived. This glue is meant to be applied with a brush applicator but you could probably apply it any way you see fit.
Furthermore, this adhesive is long-lasting and does a terrific job of blending in with most false eyelashes. You will also find it to be very easy to store due to its interesting packaging.

2Duo Lash Adhesive Clear

DUO Strip Lash Adhesive White/Clear, for strip false eyelash, 0.25 oz This is perhaps one of the best selling eyelash adhesives in the world and is widely recommended by makeup artists and cosmetic store clerks alike. The reason for its popularity is the skin-sensitive formula used in its making, one composed of nitrocellulose and denatured alcohol.
It is also completely waterproof and seamlessly mixes with any strip lashes. Not only that but it also comes in both dark and clear tones for you to choose from.

1Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive 0.17 fl oz This high-quality eyelash glue from the very eminent Revlon is considered one of the most effective out there and its popularity should attest to its overall effectiveness. Ingredients like friendly acids and acrylates are used in its making, ingredients that keep your skin safe and protected without affecting the effectiveness of this highly potent glue.
It is also waterproof and smear-proof as well. Last but not least, it uses a very thin brush for application purposes, a brush that makes the job of putting it on a lot easier. It is also latex-free and dries perfectly, clearly, and quickly.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

Choosing The Right Eyelash Glue

eyelashesWhen talking about lash adhesive, you will find that the sheer variety available is enough to confuse almost anyone. The fact that people use different terms for it certainly doesn’t help,
especially when it comes to women who have never used false eyelashes before. Not to scare you or anything, but using the wrong type of adhesive can have painful consequences, which is why it’s important to do your homework before settling on a specific product. Here are some things to consider when shopping for an eyelash glue.
Do a spot test – A good way to ensure that you’re getting the right adhesive is to perform a spot test to see if you develop any adverse reaction to the glue. Should your skin develop any blemishes or irritation, stay away from that particular type of adhesive, no matter how effective it may be. In this regard, apply the adhesive on a specific spot on your skin and keep an eye on that spot for at least 24 hours to see how your skin reacts.
Consider allergies – You should also think about your allergies if you plan on using an eyelash glue of any sort. We all know that some people have allergic reactions to specific cosmetics so think about your allergies when testing a new product on yourself. If, for instance, you spot an ingredient on the glue’s packaging that might cause you physical harm, stay away from that particular glue regardless of how effective it is advertised to be.
Always read the label – It should be known that most eyelash glues contain highly concentrated chemicals like formaldehyde, which has been linked to a series of medical afflictions. In this respect, many eyelash glues out there contain formaldehyde to some extent, a chemical that might cause certain developmental and neurotoxic issues. If possible, stay away from any cosmetic product that contains a high enough concentration of formaldehyde or sodium dodecyl benzenesulfonate for that matter.

Different Types Of Eyelash Glues

gluing eyelashThere are three types of eyelash glues to consider and they each serve a different purpose. One might be inclined to think that an eyelash glue should have a pretty generic purpose, whereas in actuality, each type of glue is intended for a specific procedure. Depending on the type of lashes you plan on using, you have three different types of glue to choose from, each with its own particularities.
Strip lash adhesive – This is perhaps the most popular type of lash adhesive because strip lashes are by far the most popular out there. Although not particularly strong as far as adhesives go, the 24-hour effectiveness it offers should be enough to last you throughout the day. Given its low-strength nature, you will also find this particular glue easier to remove than other types of glue you might be inclined to use.
What’s great about strip lash adhesives is that they are available in many forms, including latex-free formulas for people who suffer from latex intolerance. It is also common for these adhesives to work well with lashes of any color with no limitations to speak of. Furthermore, strip lash adhesive is perfect for applying individual lashes that require a short hold or for applying lashes that you would like to remove without using a lash remover.
Individual lash adhesive – The fact that individual lashes involve both single strand lashes and flared cluster lashes makes individual lash adhesive a multi-purpose glue by default. This is because individual lashes are more versatile by nature, meaning that you can freely use them to create the exact effect you’re looking for with no limitations whatsoever. For example, you can use individual lashes on the outer eye area in conjunction with any strip lashes you might be inclined to use, thus creating a very stylish and unique look.
With individual lash adhesives, however, you must remember to always use a lash remover when taking them off. Failure to do so will result in you plucking more than one eyelash at a time by accident, which can be both painful and frustrating. Another reason for this is the fact that individual lash adhesives are usually stronger than any other type of adhesive, mainly because of the many exquisite patterns you can create when using individual lashes.
Surgical lash adhesive – Unless you are a trained professional, we strongly advise you stay away from surgical lash adhesive. Although very efficient when it comes to gluing lashes of any kind, a simple mistake in its application can lead to disastrous consequences. It should perhaps be said that surgical lash adhesives are aimed at mobile beauticians and makeup artists who have a very good idea about what they’re doing.
Also worth pointing out is that surgical adhesives are pretty hard to come by in the first place. Unless you have been properly trained in the application of surgical lash adhesives,
chances are that you will have a hard time finding one to begin with.
Having said that, it would only be fair for us to point out that surgical lash adhesives can withstand changes in weather much better than regular adhesives, especially in high-humidity conditions. This is perhaps the reason why makeup artists prefer surgical lash adhesives to any other type of eyelash glue and is also the reason why many experienced users prefer it to standard eyelash glue.

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