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Revlon Lash Potion Review

Revlon sent me a tube of their new Lash Potion by Grow Luscious. It is a volume and length mascara that offers “spell-binding volume and length”. With a name like “potion” it has to be magical right? Let’s see.
A surprise package from Revlon in a bright pink metallic bubble wrap.
The shade of mascara they sent is 001 Blackest Black. Normally I wear a brown black because I am sort of blonde and it looks more natural to me but I recently went bold dark brown so this color actually works for me. 
Lash Potion from Revlon
According to the Revlon packaging this mascara formula has “strengthening proteins, amino acids and essential vitamins that revitalizes lashes”. It goes on to say that the “Illusionist Wand” will drench lashes for dramatic volume and comb through my lashes for a clump free length. This is not my favorite kind of wand. It is very fluffy and I feel it pushes my lashes more than it combs through them but as you will see it gets the mascara on the lashes.
The wand for the Lash Potion mascara.
There was nothing on the package saying it was OK for sensitive eyes or contact wearers but I wore it anyway and surprising to myself, no irritation whatsoever. Here are my lashes without mascara — you can tell they are there but they are pretty much invisible.
What my lashes look like without mascara.
Obviously, because I do not normally wear black I noticed that first. But after I got over the color one of the first thing I noticed was the lift this mascara gave my lashes. I am not an eye lash curler kind of girl — a mishap in high-school swore me off them forever so my lashes kind of do their own thing; but I definitely noticed a lift upwards.
Here are my lashes with one coat of Revlon Lash Potion. I would be perfectly happy with one coat. It provides enough definition to make my eye stand out.
My eyes with one coat of Lash Potion.
And here is my eye with two coats of Revlon’s Lash Potion. For some reason I decided to put it on my bottom lashes. I never put mascara on my lower lashes as I tend to touch that area a lot (to put in eye drops, itch or whatever). But for some reason I did. A few hours later specs of mascara from me touching it were on the under eye instead of the lashes. 
Here are my lashes with two coats of mascara.
The formula is not waterproof or even moisture proof (it does not claim to be). I suffer from dry eyes from past eye surgery so being able to apply eye drops throughout the day is a must. Earlier today I actually forgot that I had this mascara on and wiped my eyes after drops, not thinking, and had smudged mascara everywhere. Eye drop tragedy aside when I cleaned up my eye area I was impressed to see I still had enough color on my lashes to look made up.
And just to prove I do have more than one eyeball with lashes, here are both of them.
I do have two eyeballs.
If you can keep your fingers and moisture off your eyes Lash Potion produces a great looking lash with nice color, length, and added lift. I have only worn it a few times so I cannot comment on whether my lashes feel less brittle because of the “conditioning formula” but I will add an update in a few weeks.
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